About us

Leading worldwide in ship automation, navigation and electric propulsion


Our passion for shipping and technology is the engine of our company.

The high-quality knowledge and experience of our employees is the driving force
that pushes us forward to reach new achievements.

The sum of these results in controlled processes, plus a complete range of reliable
and well-considered, market-oriented innovations.


Praxis Automation Technology, founded in 1965, with its main office in The Netherlands, began with manufacturing and supplying alarm and monitoring systems for sea going vessels. During the years, our experience combined with extensive research, enabled the company to offer complete solutions in the ship automation, navigation and electric propulsion equipment field. Today we design and produce the third generation of the complete Mega-Guard automation and navigation product line. During the last years we extended the Mega-Guard product line with electric propulsion and electric energy storage in order to show our commitment to environmental friendly propulsion. Praxis provides a total in-house developed and manufactured electric and hybrid propulsion solution for shipowners and shipyards who care about the environment. We supply our products to international shipyards, ship owners and installation companies and serve them via our global network of service and maintenance points.